About me

Hello, my name is Victor. I’ve been working as a graphic designer for many years now and some of my experience I’ve lovingly put into my documents and products on the internet for others to use. I’m also hard at work in web design and what I learned through the years all go towards better, easier, faster designs. My goal is to deliver an awesome online resource and always the best customer service possible. I made this website to pass on my work, thoughts and passion. Anyone looking to know more from me can go ahead and contact me even if its for help, suggestions, tips or just to say hello.

Along the years, I’ve updated this website numerous times, each update looking to improve the user experience and have more people benefit from it. I can see the results and I should thank you for visiting again and again. This is why we are steadily growing as a group. I never would have thought this whole idea would become so popular.

Although when I first made this project, I never seen anything like it anywhere, now the are multiple duplicates that simply copy my website and dilute the value.

There have been several attempts of copying or unlawfully redistributing my work and that’s something I have to deal with since that’s how the world turns. I would be gratefull if any of my readers notify me of content thieves.