Starting A Newspaper Project With A Template

Newspaper is my challenge. Sharing a newspaper template is probably the best gift I can ever give anyone. Each one of my designs is custom made from scratch and is sure to include the most important news elements a paper should contain. It’s very important to note that the majority of my templates cost nothing and are made to assist people of all levels of experience, wether you are a professional or a student looking to make a project for school.

Where a newspaper all started as a template?

Long ago, I was asked by a school teacher if I can make blank pages which her pupils can fill in with news. I decided to answer that request and came up with the first document for her, which eventually became very popular. The next versions I made were better and better, some even have multiple pages to provide a different layout style for the continuing stories.

How to choose the right document format for your news?

There are several types of software you can edit a newspaper with. And of course each one has its pluses and minuses. A simple separation would be by difficulty as follows.
  • A newspaper for Microsoft Word can be the template for kids or someone with little or no experience can edit. These are easier to use, but lack the advanced editing features (and the control) that a larger, more powerfull software can bring
  • Adobe Photoshop newspapers are the starting point for graphic designers, but may require more expertise since this programme is more complex
  • Illustrator is probably the hardest to work with – It’s worth noting that it can bring benefits other editing tools can’t provide so keep that in mind
  • Adobe Indesign is my favorite, since its specially made to edit books, magazines, multipage productions and what we need them for – beautiful newspapers

Looking for the best?

If you don’t want to stand in line like the rest of the editors, there is a gorgeous 16 page bundle that’s made to solve this problem. It already comes in two versions for your news (one separate paper for Indesign and one for Word), both packed together in one amazing product. This will help you step ahead of the crowd and use the remaining time to make even more improvements.
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