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Free Newspaper Template Pack For Word. Perfect For School

Here’s the first newspaper template pack, it includes beautiful designs and you can pick your favorites from the list below, you can get these printed if you need. Don’t forget, these are for Microsoft Word, so you need a working version of that installed on your computer (either Mac or PC works fine).

Tip: you can view a larger image if you click on the pictures.

Here goes the list:


1. Newspaper template pack 1 pictureA simple newspaper for Microsoft Word. It is fully editable and it’s all free. You can just type your text instead of the dummy content that is on it now (and replace the image or add you own). Feel free to rearrange the articles and items at your will.I guess this type of simple design is not that easy to find, so it will be useful to a lot of people. Another one is soon to come. Please visit my website again to check for new articles. Now use the download button below to start downloading this layout if you like it. It seems to be the most popular so far since most editors choose this one. Maybe it’s because it’s so easy to change.

Download this word file »


2. Number two has a blue theme. You open it in word and simply put in your text and pics. Of course you can duplicate the text boxes and create more pages. All colors can be changed.Part 2 - from the 2 pages

This is possibly one of the easiest to modify and it looks simple enough that anyone can use it. This is how it was designed.

Download this 2 pages word file »


3. 2 pages pre-filled with contentsecond page from the paperAnother document for Word. It is fully editable like usual and it’s all free. You can just type your text instead of the Lorem Ipsum content that is on it now (and replace the image or add you own). Feel free to rearrange the articles and items at your will. Of course you can edit the colors in all of them and you can easily paste in your pictures.

Download this 2 pages word file »


4. News paper number fourThis is a bit flashy, but it surely has the looks of a real news paper.

This is another good resource for all of you news publishers out there.

Alright, what you will get in this download is a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) that you can use freely at your discretion. I think this is cool stuff, saves you from a lot of work. Everything is editable, just put in your text and pictures. You can also tweak the colors or content placement. And Voila! It only has one page, but you can copy the styled content boxes on new pages and extend you publication.

Download this single word file »


5. blue design for wordFifth in line, read the description.
Are you doing or helping out on school news or magazine project?

The projects you find here are fully editable and don’t require much (if any at all) knowledge of design, programming, all the boring stuff. It’s just you, your content and the customizable paper/magazine. Your readers will be enjoying a better experience and you will get it done faster and easier.

Enough talk! Now use the link below.

Download this one page word file »


6. news paper frontComplete two pages template for Microsoft Word. This one might be harder to edit, but all you have to do is fill the blue boxes with your own pictures and replace the dummy text with your content. Feel free to edit the formating, colors, sizes, positions, etc.

It’s my favorite of all. Just looks wonderful with content in it.Second page from paper 6

This is the 6th in line, just for the records.

Everyone is welcome to download and use the templates provided at their own will.

Download this double page word file »